Autodecco Pro and 365 Accessories Library Editor

Editor de catálogos de autodecco

Accessories Library Editor

Tool Available for Autodecco 365 and Autodecco PRO.

With the Accessories Library Editor, you have the ability to create and update custom catalogs for Autodecco using AutoCAD® blocks as a starting point.

Key Features of the Accessories Library Editor:


With the Accessories Library Editor, you can modify the references of accessories. You can edit existing accessories or create new ones. You can change the materials applied to the accessories and modify their position in the catalog tree for easy access.


The Accessories Library Editor also allows you to add materials to the accessories library you are currently modifying.


All changes made to a catalog can be automatically exported to Estimate for budgeting designed kitchens with the new catalogs.

Características editor de catálogos de Autodecco Pro y 365

Autodecco 365

The Accessories Library Editor is available for Autodecco 365 and Autodecco PRO.