About Us


Partnership with other software companies

In response to the demand from our users for complementary functionality, such as information for manufacturing, production, or management, Microcad Software’s strategy has been to collaborate with companies whose solutions are leaders in each sector, ensuring functionality and reliability. The integration with these programs is done seamlessly, with information generated automatically from our programs, so it doesn’t add complexity for the user.

Our offices worldwide

Microcad Software is a privately held company with offices in New Jersey (USA), Hertfordshire (UK) and Málaga (Spain). We also have sales teams in over fifteen countries. The company´s core software development team is located in Spain.

International Distributors

Microcad Software has distributors in various countries around the world. These distributors are in contact with our international offices. The Latin American and Canadian markets are serviced by our office in the United States, where all employees speak Spanish. Our office in the United Kingdom handles all non-American English-speaking markets, such as Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, as well as countries where the software can be sold in English, such as India, Arab countries, etc. China and European countries, except the United Kingdom, are serviced by the office in Spain.

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